Ask Ken! Your Makeup Dilemmas Solved

ken boylan

Ah, we do love a bit of Ken Boylan round here: one of Ireland's star makeup artists, he's half of makeup artist Boylan and Balfe and he's the king of the smokey eye - I should know, cos he's worked his magic on mine.

To celebrate the fact that himself and his equally fab partner in crime, Ellie Balfe, are setting up shop in South William Street's Salon Zeba from September, he's going to answer a few of your biggest dilemmas.  While I have no doubt that Ken has the lowdown on where to source a crack plumber and how to mend a broken heart, he's going to be turning his attention to your maquillage mistakes this time round (perhaps we can convince him to become's resident agony uncle?)

So, ever wondered just how to get that blended shadow look or confused as to why all your makeup attempts are more coco the clown than Coco Rocha? Ask Ken! He's got the gen!


Leave your query in the comments and we'll put the best ones to him for answering edification. Take it away!

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