at Dundalk Festival of Fashion!

dundalk festival of fashion

Now the words Dundalk and Fashion Capital are hardly synonymous but perhaps that is all about to change?

It sounds like something out of Father Ted, but in a-strange-but-actually-true development Dundalk is hosting its first International Festival of Fashion this weekend. International if you don't mind.

The three day extravaganza takes place in a specially constructed marquee located in Market Square. Presided over by Ceila Holman Lee, it will include fashion shows*, beauty stands and workshops, plus a wedding fair. Musical entertainment will be provided by the Funky Feet, which hopefully refers to the band's groovetasticness and not to any pungent odour generated by said feet. Go here to read all the gen.

*This is unconfirmed but is quite probably the same fashion show that also did the rounds at the Ploughing Championship - again a fabulous Father Ted moment.


But all joking aside it is fantastic to see this kind of initiative highlighting fashion and enterprise in towns around Ireland. We love anything of this sort and are delighted to support it.

And to make the whole event even more brill will be in attendance. Kirstie and I will have a little place to call home on the Hughes and Hughes stand on Saturday and will be there from six thirty to seven thirty (6.30 - 7.30pm).

We want to see as many Lovely Girls as possible for a chat! Beaut.ies are you with us? Will you pop down to see us?

As an out-and-out bribe we will also enter every buyer of our essential volume, The Guide to Gorgeous (copies of which we may just happen to have with us) into a draw for a fab beauty bag!

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