By The Power of Twitter I Solve Your Beauty Dilemmas in 140 Characters (or less)

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Ah, we love a bit of Twitter, so we do. For someone like me who never shuts up and has a similarly rambling writing style, training myself to impart meaning in 140 characters isn't that easy.

But we're livin' inĀ  a fast movin, app-tastic, txt is GR8! crazy world, aren't we? So instead of doing what I usually do and phoning up some poor beauty pro to badger them for quotes and expert opinion to help solve your beauty dilemmas in a wordy fashion, I sent a request out on Twitter.

"attn all," I burbled, "going to try a post where I solve twittered beauty Qs in 140 characters. Anyone fancy a punt at a dilemma?"

So, did anyone? Oh you betcha. You feckers bombarded me with some pretty tricky questions, some of which I am going to attempt to solve now, in 140 characters, or less. Eek*

its_ams @beautie lol how do I stop my fake eyelashes falling into my pint?

A) don't wear any, B) use Duo adhesive (at MAC counters), or failing that, stop holding your pint so close to your eyes!

mummymaps @beautie How to beautify thy feet? i.e. prompted by hilar but true comments by @mcawilliams this am!

Certainly, ma'am. Try a week of Flexitol, a scrub with a Ped Egg and a nice nail varnish

mrsjotaylor @beautie I keep getting hives because of my summer love affair with strawberries...any cosmetic treatments required?

Hmm. Sounds like you're allergic! The only camo I can suggest is a head to toe application of Sally Hansen leg spray

MJ003 @beautie OK: how'd u prevent nails from slitting across 1/2-way down ur nail so they keep catching in clothes & splitting further...?


Sounds like they're weak from the get-go. Use olive oil and keep fairly short and squoval so they're as strong as possible

dublinblondie @beautie heres one: how to pick best foundation colour for fair skin.. i get it wrong most times! lol

Go high end. Cheap brands don't have good shade choices but Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Armani, Illamasqua, MAC and Lancome all do

kateshorten @beautie what do you think is the best foundation for uber pale ( practically blue!) , dry skin that is also long lasting and luminous??

See above. Long-last & luminous are mutually exclusive with foundation. Instead, set with a shimmer powder, like MAC Mineralize Skin Finish

mummymaps @beautie Okay, how do you prevent foundation from getting that cracked & crinkly look around your nose and eyes? Ewwwww....

Moisturise well first, and avoid eyes if this happens (use a dab of concealer instead). Or switch to a moisturising base like Diorskin Nude

laineymcl @beautie Open pores that just get clogged with grime and makeup. What's the solution?

Try an oil-based cleanser. Face washes aren't a match for greasy gudge but you can fight oil with oil +exfoliate regularly!

missmilki @beautie Looking for the perfect fake tan for a wedding. I'm lily white and look ridiculous with too much tan. Would prefer a wash off type.

I love ModelCo's Body Meringue. The guide colour washes off, but it leaves you with a subtle glow you can build over a couple of days too


*Psst: some were too complex to reduce to a mere 140 characters, apologies.

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