Fantasy Friday: Rich or Sexy?


That's the dilemma I put to you today. Which would you rather be: rich or sexy?

Now you can't be a little bit of both. We're getting ruthless with this one. If you are rich, you're absolutely loaded, rolling in it - but you look like the back of a bus. Ugly as sin. You are socially inept - a veritable repellent to the opposite sex. And you smell.


"But if I had all that money surely I could have access to all the best beauty treatments and plastic surgery. To say nothing of deodorant" you might pipe up. Nah, sorry. Everything you do to improve yourself will go horribly wrong. If you have the surgery you will end up looking even worse. Makeup will make you look like a clown.


Now if you're sexy... well there's never been anyone sexier than you. Men drop at your feet, begging for a chance to be with you. Any man you want - a movie star, the lead singer in your fave band, the guy down the road who you've fancied insanely for years - they're all yours.

But you're oh so broke. You get fired from every job you wiggle your way into - you're much too sexy. You win the Euromillions, but lose the ticket before you can cash it in. Even when you're given presents something goes wrong. You crash the new sports car your latest rock star gave you.

So go on. Which would you rather be?

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