Forget Sunbed ASS Fights Back: Apparently They're Now a Cure for Swine Flu

swine flu

Lord holy god above, as Miley might say to Biddy, those sunbed feckers really don't know when to stop pushing it, do they?

As Aphrodite mentioned before, we get a lot of barmy email at A real whole hape of it. But this one, much like Sunbed ASS fights back, was so gas I had to post it.

"I would like to bring to your attention a subject that the media is saying will soon be affecting us again, the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus.)," says our correspondent 'Jessica'. "As a college student majoring in Physics, I feel the need to shed light on a study I have recently become a huge supporter of, Indoor tanning as a precaution against the H1N1 virus," she adds.

There was no more space in the room for my eyes to roll into, but I carried on reading. "Not only is indoor tanning giving us all a bit of color and a boost of confidence, a study which started out focusing on the positive effects Vitamin D has against battling the seasonal flu has taken a turn on how Vitamin D can help protect against the H1N1 Virus, commonly known as the Swine Flu Virus."


Ok Jessica. Show us the study! Give us the deets! Spoil us at least, with a teaser of the names of the scientific bods who conducted said research.

Oh. No, there was nothing like that in the email, just lots of wittering and 'estimating' and apparently the crux of the matter is this murky reasoning:  sunbeds are our saviour from swine flu because, um, they, like, boost vitamin d, which, like will help to, like, COMBAT SWINE FLU ALL YOU HATERZ. PS SUNBEDZ R GR8.

Well, I dunno about you, but that's me convinced.


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