Frenemies Forever: I useta love her useta love her once - long long time ago

yeah yeah

She's your BFF.

But not in a good way. She's your Best Frenemy Forever - you kind of hate her but you're still ostensibly mates.

It's the snide comments or the way she seems to copy everything you do. Maybe it's the fact that she does nothing but moan or dominate every conversation by talking about herself - in the most boring fashion.  She drones on for what seems like years on the phone and is never ever interested in what you've been up to.


You come away from every encounter seething inside and vow to yourself that you won't bother keeping up the friendship.

But you do. Maybe you're remembering the good old days and the laughs you used to have - how she was the person you could talk to for hours on end and she just 'got' you?

Whatever the reason we've all got at least one frenemy. Who's yours? Tell us about her!

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