Hem Hem: NYX Cosmetics Available in Ireland!

Might not be news to some but it was definitely news to me (falling off my chair in excitement-style news) when makeup artist Jill McKay casually dropped it into conversation that the NYX range - not NYC! - is available here. Lots of Ireland and UK-based fans buy this cult brand online from CherryCulture.com but Flair (a part of the Alfaparf hair academy in Kilmainham; there's another branch in Finglas and a HQ in Galway) stock the products.

This is a brand with a serious, serious beauty blogosphere following and it's as much beloved for its quality formulations, huge choice and shocking brights as it is for its prices: Flair are selling NYX shadow trios for €7.65 ex VAT, which is a bloody good price for three pro-quality eye shadows.  So, what's with the VAT thing, then? Well, Flair is a trade supplier so technically you're supposed to be in the biz to buy. I'm not encouraging you to pretend otherwise in order to snaffle yourself some stuff, y'unnerstan'. I'm merely a conduit for information.


But if you wanted to have a browse of what's on offer, then you could mosey over to Flair.ie to have a decco.

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