Loadsa Links: What Beaut.ie’s Been Browsing This Week

It was a busy auld week so we didn't manage to get quite the level of looking-at-small-animals-doing-silly-things-on-YouTube in that we normally would, but here's some other stuff we browsed in the last seven days,

Got a link you think we’d go for for future Loadsa Links? Send it to [email protected] and if we think it’s good too, we’ll feature it*

  1. You know we love cats. Therefore we also love catsinsinks.com. Does exactly what it says on the ... sink
  2. How did I live before the discovery of Flush Tracker? My life is now complete now that I have an online way to track the epic journey of poo
  3. And who doesn't like baby moneys? And small pigs? Baby monkey riding backwards on a pig combines cute small primate with an actual piggyback. Backwards. With a crap song.  Ah YouTube
  4. Makeup artist Ellie Balfe has a lovely blog peppered with a nice tight edit of her best beauty bits, fashion finds and some foodie inspiration too. Lovely stuff!
  5. Movies.ie just won a Golden Spider for Best Digital Editor. We say Hurrah! And Congrats!
  6. DO NOT forget to vote for us in the forthcoming Irish Book Awards. Please!
  7. Read Maman Poulet's incisive take on our current economic crisis. Have a brandy in hand
  8. Do yiz remember we did that thing with Barry's Tea we hardly mentioned at all? Well, if you couldn't make it along, here's something you might enjoy: the boyos at the brand have put together a video of Wah Nails founder Sharmadean and it's well worth a watch on their TeaV channel
  9. More beauty bloggin' goodness: check out Make Up By Nadia, she's new in town and deffo worth a look

*if it’s just a link to pimp you/your on-line shop/business then we probably won’t, sorry!

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