Loadsa Links: What Beaut.ie's Been Browsing This Week

Format shakeup! We've decided to give t'auld Deadly Dozen a rest and instead bring you our edited highlights of the stuff we liked online this week.  Got a link you think we'd go for for future Loadsa Links? Send it to [email protected] and if we think it's good too, we'll feature it*

  1. Never say no to Panda! This YouTube montage of a pile of scary panda-based cheese ads from Egypt will crack you up
  2. Thought the PriceWaterhouseCoopers scandal wasn't that big a deal? The Antiroom's take will shake you out of that complacency, and fast
  3. Lynnie continues her plan for nail art world domination with this rather excellent penguin accent nail
  4. We're loving the proliferation of beauty blogs that have sprung up in Ireland recently and we think Lovely Girlie Bits is deffo one of the best: lots of how-tos and comparison posts make this one to watch
  5. Lee over at Mwah.ie has the low-down on the latest permanent mani, Jessica Geleration
  6. If you haven't checked out TheJournal.ie yet then hey, you're missing out. It's Ireland's new online answer to the broadsheet websites of the Irish Times and the Indo, and we like its different spin on the news of the day
  7. Forever 21 opened here this week and it looks like it's gonna be a good alternative to New Look for fast fashion bits and bobs
  8. One of our all-time fave beauty bloggers Temptalia deserves loads and loads of love from Beaut.ie cos she links to us all the time - if you haven't checked her blog out yet, we urge you to do so with the quickness!
  9. Ireland has a burgeoning food blogging community and the very lovely Caroline from Bibliocook (with whom I used to often prop up the counter in the now-defunct Road Records of a Saturday) has just co-founded the Irish Food Bloggers Association, a network dedicated to gathering details of all the food blogs in Ireland in one place and to make information about events, meet-ups and other foodie happenings as accessible as possible
  10. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter and bejaysis like us on Facebook, righ?

*if it's just a link to pimp your on-line shop/business then we probably won't, sorry!

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