Mmmmm yummy: Jo Malone does Merrion afternoon tea

Nothing is sure to get's heart a-racin with delight then the thought of a posh afternoon tea. And afternoon tea in The Merrion is a gorgeous treat of yumminess. One thing I love about afternoon tea - it sounds so delicate and ladylike but in reality you get fed enough food to sink a whale. There's layers of scones, sandwiches, cakes and tarts - it would be simply rude not to chomp yer way through as much as possible.

So how on earth did it come to pass when Jo Malone sent out a press release announcing their collaboration with the Merrion Hotel for the month of March did it slip my mind? Why not until I saw it mentioned on the blather yesterday did I remember there was something I just HAD to tell you all. The tiered stand will be positively groaning with delicacies themed with ingredients of the Vanilla and Anise fragrance (such as "anise chocolate mousse cake on a vanilla and orange financier, vanilla pannacotta with caramelised plums and orange and star anise tartlets"). Look I don't know what half of those are either but I'll put my money on them being scrummy.

And you will also receive free samples of fragrance in their signature cream and black box. We liked this fragrance so much we gave it TWO reviews! Read Kirstie's office appropriate take and then read Aphrodite's verdict.


Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise Afternoon Tea €36 per person at The Merrion Hotel, Dublin, 01 603 0600, March 2010.

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