My Christmas Beauty Survival Kit

christmas beauty survival

Since the vast majority of us poor crathurs have no idea what on earth glossy mags mean by 'the party season', worries about achieving the perfect chignon and should-I-or-shouldn't-I-have-that-extra-bellini-and-caviar-encrusted-egg, probably pass most of us by.

So while we may not be on the razz every night over Christmas, it's a dead-cert we'll probably be out and about a little more than in previous months: drinks parties, promises to meet up with friends home from foreign parts and general seasonal revelry do tend to take centre stage.  So I've decided. I'm going to meet this festive season head on, and for once, be prepared.

To whit: I got my paws on a bottle of Guerlain's cult classic, Issima Midnight secret. It's already been unsteadily applied after returning home after a drink or ten on a couple of occasions (I will also have to hold my hand up and say that on another couple of occasions, I fell into bed avec slap) and my skin did look pretty fresh the next day - that was after I peeled my peepers open. Sadly Midnight Secret can do nothing for bleary, booze-soaked eyes. This stuff is pricey at €88, though you can buy on Strawberrynet for €79.50.


Another thing I am refusing to be without over the next week or so either is Compeed blister plasters. These yokes have saved my life on a number of occasions and as it's Christmas, I have a couple of new pairs of shoes to wear out - and in. As long as I don't do a Lynnie and use them as they're intended, I think I'll be fine. €6.99 buys five of these babies, and by God, are they worth it.

Lastly, my trusty friend, Nurofen Plus. As the possessor of sinus cavities that cause me no end of grief, me and these little wonders are well acquainted. And they, plus some Berocca, are brilliant for the auld hangover too.

What about yourselves? What're you stocking up on to get you through the holidays?

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