Shaken, Not Stirred

daniel craig. phowwargh!Right, we're sick of the James Bond poll now, so there's a new one on the right. It's a very serious poll and we expect your full attention to be given to it. After all, defining Ireland's hunkiest man is no mean task, especially given the list we've provided you with!


But how did you all vote in the James Bond poll? Pretty predictably - of course fabulous Sean Connery topped the poll of 007's with 49% of the vote. Pierce Brosnan came next with 25%, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig got 8% (not bad for Daniel, you must all like those pictures of him in those trunks. Go on, you know what I mean), Roger Moore was right behind them on 7%, and George Lazenby gets the booby prize of 3%

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