Tales from the Irish Taxi and the night I met Roy

It was a cold March night in Dublin. The husband and I pulled our coats around us and hailed a passing taxi. We were coming from the Blog Awards where we'd had a brilliant time.

The taxi driver and I chatted the whole way in the car (the husband was er, tired, let us say and had fallen asleep. The shagger.)

Well anyway it turned out that this guy was well into the whole online interaction thing. He had his own forum and everything, so he was really interested when I told him where we'd spent the evening. He had so many great stories - "You should have a blog!" I said. I just thought he was a blog waiting to happen. The next day he left a really nice comment on Beaut.ie congratulating us. "Did the taxi driver who brought you home really leave that comment?" people kept asking me.

Yep, he sure did. And last week I got an email from him telling me that he DID set up a blog. All about his journeys, the many people he meets every night, the things he sees - and the things he wishes he hadn't.


I was so chuffed, I got all misty eyed when I read his email.

Get over there right now and give Roy some love won't you!


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