Twitterific: Blogging Your Beauty Qs in 140 Characters (or less!)

Via Twitter, I solved some of your most pressing beauty dilemmas in 140 characters - or less - recently, and here's round two. If for no other reason than the invention of this most efficient way of answering cosmetic conundrums, I would have to say that Twitter is a VG Development Now Altogether. You can join us - please do! - and with no further ado, here are a few more snappy solutions:

MontyC Powder over a tinted moisturiser - good idea or bad idea?

Not necessarily but use loose translucent so as not to add colour - negating the purpose of tinted moisturiser! - and go very lightly

kaosullivan broke my leg pretty badly and now have 12'' scar from the op on my shin. How should I cover it up? Tried Sally Hanson to no avail.

You could check out Estee Lauder's Maximum Coverage for Face and Body - brand new, and full coverage

nicnestor little spots few days after waxing top lip?? :-( advice please!!

Wax with clean hands, and follow with a wipe-over of something soothing like Tweezerman After Tweeze or aloe gel + avoid touching much


backpedalling can you recommend top 3 beauty goodies I should bring back from a jaunt to N. America in September?

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain, Vincent Longo Souffle shadows & Sephora own-brand lip pencils in fab shades

Neezie01 I love wearing black kohl but hate the panda eyes at the end of the day. Recommendations?

When you're happy with the lines you've drawn set them with eye shadow in the same colour, or prime lids beforehand with something like UDPP

britbeautyblog wearing purple eyes without looking like you walked into a door?

I'd do it as a liner. I've tried the shadow thang before and yes, looked like someone had walked me into a door. Nicht ein gut look

its_ams bronzer and blusher before or after powder??!


Da Rulez: apply cream products after foundation and before powder; powder products you apply after powder. Rules = meant to be broken!

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