This €80 white dress is perfect for the lowest of low-key weddings

The world isn't divided into two types of brides because every single bride is different.

Some women dream of their wedding their whole lives, others like the idea when they get engaged, many want to get married but don't like the idea of being the centre of attention for an entire day. But whether you have 300 people at your wedding, or it's just the two of you and a couple of random witnesses, you need something to wear.

If you had to divide the bride world in half, you could say that one side would be low-key and the other wouldn't. But low-key can mean a lot of things. It certainly doesn't mean cheap. You could have a quiet day with just family and still wear a big, beautiful €5000 ballgown. On the other hand, you could have a huge hooley and wear a wedding dress from Debenhams.

I bought my wedding shoes on ASOS for €40 the other day (and I bought my bridesmaids' dresses there and my next day outfit), but I do have a somewhat traditional wedding dress. I guess this puts me in the middle of the bride spectrum, a place where probably 90% of brides also dwell.

Because of all my ASOS shopping, the online store has been stalking me as I switch from internet tab to internet tab. While I try to ignore the rolling pics and concentrate on my actual work, gorgeous shoes and seriously discounted dresses continue to distract me.

Today, this dress popped up, and in the course of about a millisecond, I thought of how perfect it would be for a City Hall wedding with a casual, boozy lunch reception, or a little church wedding with the reception held in a gastropub. It's also a wonderful second-day dress if your wedding is in summer and you have a little do the day after.


I love the contrast between the top and bottom parts of the dress. The v-neck is not quite low enough to be sexy (but there's still a little saucy hint), the floaty, feminine pleated skirt complements the structured top, and the v-back in an unexpected addition that elevates the dress from slight fancy summer frock to definite wedding dress contender.

Low-key brides on a tight budget who aren't into the princess, boho or slinky thing - you're welcome.

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