If someone said these €73 shoes were Manolos we'd believe them

They're technically bridal, but we're wearing them with jeans this Friday night

Last Sunday, when my friends and I were all suffering from a terrible dose of The Fear, one kind soul made it all ok by sending us a picture of this pair of shoes.

Since then, I've been seeing them everywhere online. We can all agree, can't we, that they are pretty damn spectacular?

Monday - DONE ✔️ Know what it's nearly? TUESDAY SHOESDAY

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Don't they look like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear? Don't they look far more expensive than €73.33? Like, they could be Manolos. But where can they be found?


ASOS, that's where, and they're ASOS own brand too.

Behold, the ASOS PAPAYA Bridal Embellished Heel.

You could literally pick the jeans you've been wearing for a week off the floor, throw them on with a t-shirt of any sort and with these heels, you'd be the best dressed by a mile.

Predictably, they're selling out fast.

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