Obama was a groomsman over the weekend and wasn't he dashing?

Last night, Barack Obama gave his final speech as President of the United States of America. At the weekend, he stood by his aide's side as groomsman.

American, why are you letting this man go?

Fine, I know them's de rules, but can you imagine Trump leaving his goodbye party at 4 am, flying thousands of miles, and standing in attendance - and not even first in line - at some non-celeb's wedding? We're laughing too.

White House staff member (and Obama golf partner) Marvin Nicholson and US Department of Education policy maker Helen Pajcic tied the knot at a private residence in Jacksonville, Florida in what looks to be a fairytale-esque ceremony. Obama wasn't even the only hugely famous political figure to attend; John Kerry was the officiant.


The bride's dress was simple perfection, by the way, and we love the skirt 'n' top bridesmaid ensembles.

Obama is cool enough not to have stolen the show; he was just a friend being a friend.

Via The Telegraph

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