Is this the ultimate breach in wedding etiquette?

Wedding etiquette is tricky. It various from place to place and some couples take it more seriously than others. But is this taking things too far?

Is this proof that modern weddings have got out of control? Since when did celebrating a couple's unending love for each other become so stressful? The bride and groom spend months planning this one special day, and they expect their guests to appreciate it.

Jessica Baker couldn't attend a child-free wedding because her babysitter cancelled at the last minute. She must have been so disappointed to miss the best day ever, but what could she do? Pay for it; that's what.

After the wedding, when the newlyweds were flicking through their photo album and didn't spot Jessica or her husband in any of the pics (we presume), they sent her a bill for not turning up to the biggest day of their lives. The cost, for two herb crusted walleye plus service and tax, was $75.90, to "reflect[s] the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVPed for, reimbursed and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated."


Jessica spoke to America's version of Joe Duffy (probably) about her dilemma, saying she won't pay up, but wondering how she should have handled the situation. While I agree that Jessica could have at least let the couple know that she couldn't go, this is a bit much. This is $75.90 too much.

What say you? If someone couldn't attend your wedding would you appreciate that they let you know? Would you rather they tell you on the day itself or explain later?

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