3 multi-tasking cleansers for less hassle at bedtime

Now that cleansing seems to be the most important part of our skincare regimen, we love great multi-tasking cleansers that do everything.

Well, the latest skincare news is that an average cleanse is just not enough. No, no you must cleanse twice. It's not a cleanse unless it's a double cleanse. This revelation in the skincare world might be painful news for many of you who -like me - hate taking off their makeup before bed. It's a hassle, an annoyance; it's literally the last thing you want to do when you are tired just before you climb into bed. In saying that, despite it being an annoyance, I never go to bed without cleansing. I just like to find a cleanser that makes my life easier and my bedtime routine quicker.

My criteria for a great before bed cleanser are that it must be quick, easy, enjoyable and good for your skin. If it's not quick to use I simply won't bother. I love a one-step cleanser for bedtime and then I tend to use another cleanser in the shower in the morning. These cleansers we are going to talk about are good for your skin and quick to use. Each one will remove makeup and benefit your skin at the same time.


Uriage micellare water normal to dry

Uriage Thermal Micellar Water €15

This is a micellar water that is right up there with the best micellar waters. I use it all the time. Use it with cotton pads and to get a full cleanse I use three cotton pads soaked in thermal water. With the first two, I remove the majority of my makeup and then I use the third to remove the final traces. It is largely made up of thermal water from the Uriage region in France. It's a very natural product that hydrates your skin with earth minerals. It removes all makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.


BiofreshBiofresh probiotic skincare balancing cleanser cleansing milk

Biofresh Probiotic Ultra Delicate Cleansing Milk €18

This Biofresh cleanser does wonders for your skin no matter what your skin type is. It cleans your skin and removes makeup but it has amazing skin benefits too. This is ideal if you want a quick cleanse but you have problematic skin. A micellar water just won't cut it for you. You need something with a neutral PH that will rebalance your skin's natural protective barrier. It's ideal for skin recovering from severe acne with scarring and for sensitive skin or Rosacea.

This Works

This works clean skin 5 in one water

This Works clean Skin 5 - in - 1 Water €19.95


Here's another water cleanser that removes makeup while cleaning pores and brightening your skin. It also uses rose water to soothe your skin. This is another lovely cleanser if speed and a simple routine are the most important factors for you.

How do you cleanse at nighttime? Could you bear to let your face touch the pillow without it being squeaky clean?

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