The benefits of getting a facial massage

A facial massage may be something that we see as a luxury. However, it's actually extremely beneficial for our health and wellbeing and something that we don't do enough.

So here are five benefits of a facial massage, and excuses to treat yourself more:

1. Relieves stress and tension which helps prevent wrinkles

Facial massages are a great anti-ageing treatment. It can help to relax tense muscles and decrease the lines that muscle tension forms. Facial massage can also help relieve anxiety and improve your mood.

2. Increases circulation

Facial massage really gets the blood flowing in your face. This increase in circulation is amazing for your complexion and can give your skin a youthful glow.

3. Natural Facelift


Massage can help bring oxygen to the Face. It tones and strengthens facial muscles which when done regularly creates a natural facelift effect.

4. Removes toxins

A facial massage can stimulate the lymphatic vessels in the face. This facilitates the elimination of toxins. This is good for your skin and can help fight blemishes and breakouts.

5. Reduce congestion.

Gentle facial and neck massage can help relieve allergy symptoms like congestion by improving circulation and drainage. It also helps general sinus problems and sinus inflammation.


So there you have it ladies, now you have plenty of reasons to go out and get pampered!

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