5 signs you are wearing the wrong moisturiser

Moisturiser is one of the most basic skincare products, but it's often hard to get it right. Wearing the wrong moisturiser is way more trouble than it's worth.

Oily, skin, dry, combo: we all have different skin types, tones and textures with different issues to address. Just because your best friend swears by one moisturiser does not mean she has found the holy grail and the one for you (even if you both have dry skin). And even if you have been buying the same one for decades, you must remember skin is constantly changing. Moisturiser is an essential skin product, but when you wear the wrong moisturiser, you may be adding to your skin woes rather than soothing them.

Here are five signs it's time for a change.

Your makeup isn't going on smoothly

If you find that your makeup is separating on your skin throughout the day, ii might just be because the moisturiser you use is too heavy for your skin. Try and switch to something for oily skin, like a lotion or gel formula.

You're breaking out

If you're breaking out in spots, it might be a sign that you have chosen the wrong brand for your skin type. Try switching to a non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores) or oil free formula.

Your skin looks dry

Even though you are moisturising every day, your skin looks dry. This means there still isn't enough moisture in your skin. Switch to something with hyaluronic acid in it, and make sure to exfoliate three times a week.

It stings when you put it on

If your moisturiser stings when you put it on, it's definitely time for a change. The one you are using is not compatible with the PH in your skin.

You are getting millia 

Millia are little white bumps that you can't squeeze. When they appear on the skin, it means that the product you are using is too rich for your skin and it can't be absorbed. Time to look for a lighter moisturiser.


Are any of these symptoms starting to ring a bell?

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