All I Want For Christmas is...


... a new pack o' blades for me Gillette Fusion Power.

Er, I'm not entirely taking the mick with that, by the way. Usually I'm a very, very, very girly girl: I have an unhealthy "interest" in anything with Hello Kitty stamped on it, am thinking of changing my hair colour so that I could wear more pink, and there's talk of an intervention being staged before my make-up habit gets completely out of hand. However, I'm also inclined to be quite practical as well as a sucker for an oul' gadgety gizmo, which is why my razor of choice is something you'd be more likely to find in a bloke's bathroom. 

The Fusion Power Super Razor (not an exaggeration, probably should be its name) is absolutely the best I've ever used: it gives an incredibly close shave and subsequent regrowth actually seems slower and more sparse. Plus the vibrate-y element is cooooooool. That said, the price of a pack of refill blades for it would leave poor Eddie Hobbs spluttering, turning purple, thumping his chest wildly, and maybe even in need of a spot of CPR.


The feckin' things are €29.99 for 8! Or €16.99 for 4, which is still dear enough in these recessionary times. Now, thankfully, I haven't actually needed to buy a set as yet, the original blade is still grand for the minute. No doubt, though, it'll be worn down to a wee nub as it's frantically pressed into action over De Chrissmiss, so I hope someone comes up with a few to keep me slinky smooth into next year...

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