Are you shedding like a shaggy madra? If so the Hair Max comb may be for you


The HairMax comb seems like one of those things that must be too good to be true.

If there's a segment of the beauty industry that revels in snake oil claims it's this one: use our product and you'll grow your hair back. And most of them don't work a damn.

So what makes this product different? Well, it's FDA approved for one. This means that this product has gone through scientific tests and received the US FDA seal of approval for the promotion of hair regrowth - it does what it says on the tin in other words.

Comb this special laser comb through your thinning hair and it will begin to grow back. It can work on male pattern baldness, stopping hair loss and actually booting up the hair regrowth mechanism. There's loads of scientific info on the website - but in essence the laser stimulates the hair follicle and causes growth.


With results visible in as little as twelve weeks, very little effort and no side effects - if I were a man losing his hair I think I would definitely be tempted. And the damage? $495 US dollars if you please.

And what's worse I've been receiving increasing amounts of press releases telling me that summer is the worst time for losing your hair. (Losing you hair... such a strange term. Like you put it down somewhere and can't remember where). Anyway warm weather it seems actually causes us to shed so we can cool down - like madras or caits.

Go and check it out and tell me - would you pay that? Is it worth it? I think yes, but I'd love to hear your feelings!

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