Ask Beaut: How to stop razor rash in its tracks

Monday again and we are still blessed with a summer. While watching the Air Show from our back garden yesterday, I could feel the heat in between the clouds and it just made me feel happy to be wearing a t-shirt in Ireland, and be sitting outdoors and not feel cold.

But with the good weather comes more beauty prep than ever, which brings me to our question of the week. In this week's Ask Beaut we're talking razor rash.

Niamh asks: 

"Hi Aisling, 

With the weather being so nice I wanted to start wearing summer skirts, but every time I shave my legs I get a rash. I have tried soap, shaving foam and shower gels but nothing seems to stop the red bumps. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening? I'm too fair for lazer and I just can't stand the pain of waxing."

Hi Niamh,

I feel the very same about waxing! It's just too painful, so it will have to be shaving until they find a pain free hair removal alternative.


You might have a soap allergy or a fragrance or alcohol allergy. I would invest in some Cetaphil and use that to shave with. Also, make sure your razor is new and sharp; older blades could have bacteria on them from lying around the shower and be causing irritation on your skin.


Hope this helps and that your legs are bump free for summer dressing.

Let me know how you get on.

Ais x


Have you encountered a similar problem? What was your solution?

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