Scaly Beast Monster: Who Else is Suffering From an Attack of The Gobis Right Now?

scary scaly face

Me, yesterday

There's a reason there haven't been any face-on shots of me on the site for a while: my skin is in smidereeni at the moment and hasn't been behaving since Christmas.

I've loads of new foundation to blog about but am trying to get my mush back to a non-Gobi desert state before I take any pictures - cos Jaysis, the flakes, cracks and gullies I've got going on right now are just not making for very pretty pictures.


I'm trying a few new skincare bits and bobs to see if I can set things back to rights - hydration's always an issue and getting enough water into my skin and getting it to stay there is definitely my number one skincare challenge. I'll let you know if I find anything particularly fab but right now, all my old reliables are failing, even my beloved Body Shop Vitamin E masque and facial oil isn't working its usual amazing wonders - and it's a bit of a panic, to be honest.

Enough about me: what's causing you skin-based grief recently? Lets dish in the comments and share remedies!

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