ATTN Men: L'Oreal Men Expert Expands

L’Oreal men Expert

MEN, specially for you, L'Oreal have introduced a fancy colour-coding system on all their Men Expert products, because they know that MEN lead busy, important lives, where skincare must be practical, efficient and most of all, MANLY.

Ah, all joking aside, what they've done is handy. 4 areas of specific concern have been colour-coded so you can quickly hone in on what you need (y'know, in between board meetings and whatnot). Red is for Vita Lift, to fight sagging skin; Blue for Wrinkle Decrease, their anti-ageing line; Orange for Hydra Energetic, for use on dull, dehydrated skin, and green is for Pure & Matte, ideal for you if you're prone to shine and oil - which a lot of men are.


So what else have they done? Three new products join the existing line. Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster Intense Recovery Moisturiser, €20.99, is packed full of skin-friendly Vitamin C to fight the signs of fatigue - from all those late nights slaving over the company merger, no doubt. If your important man-job takes you outside a lot, then you might consider Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Lotion with SPF15, €17.47, and lastly, all men should use a scrub on a regular basis, and this one sounds like a winner: Pure & Matte Scrub is designed to unblock pores and tackle excess sebum, and costs a mere €8.99.

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