guide to permanant hair removal (laser - IPL)


IPL (intense pulsed light) or laser treatments are the preferred method used by salons at the moment to dispense with hairy bits permanently. We were blathering about it yesterday so I thought I'd do up a quick guide on what to expect.

  • IPL works best on people with dark hair and pale skin. Why? The laser "senses" the difference between the pigment and can more easily zap contrasting colours. So if you've got blonde or red hair (despite what some salons may tell you) it ain't gonna work.
  • Does it hurt? Well I wont lie to you. Yes it does. It stings on the more sensitive areas (think lips of all types here) - but it's completely temporary and the outch lasts only as long as it does with waxing.
  • You'll have to get between six and eight sessions to get a good result, with six weeks between sessions. This is no overnight treatment and will take months to complete.
  • Not all lasers are created equal. Some are crap and some are super powerful. For the best result go to a clinic that specialises in this treatment - or a really good salon. Anyone can set themselves up with a rubbish old laser so make sure the place you choose is good.
  • This is a brilliant treatment for men. A course of IPL can get rid of that hairy back for good and means you can stop getting your girlfriend (or mammy) to Veet your back.
  • You can't pluck or wax between treatments - or you'll pull out the root of the hair thus negating the treatment. Your only option is shaving - which is tres tiresome if you're getting facial hair zapped.
  • Permanant here means "a little bit permanent". Hair, like life, will find a way and will grow back. You'll need to go back for the odd top up treatment every year or so and how often you do will really depend on how much hair you have. But you won't have to go through a full course again or anything.
  • You can pick up fantastic deals on courses of IPL which can save you a small fortune. Watch out for these and take advantage of the savings.

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