Beyonce's makeup artist has quite the achievable tip for perfect skin

This is a new one, but when you think about it, this approach to perfect skin is not all that surprising.

I hope you like kale. Because that's the secret to perfect skin, according to Sir John Barnett, makeup artist to the stars. We know, we know. Kale is the current superfood superstar, and we've been eating it by the truckload for two years now. So, if it really is the answer to perfect skin wouldn't we all be going around with crystal clear faces by now? Well, that's not the only skincare secret St John has shared. To complement the kale, he recommends using eye cream all over your face.

In an interview with The Cut, he says: "I like to use eye creams around the face. I also like to use face creams on the body. I approach the body from head to toe as if the whole body will be seen. Most women concern themselves only with the area from hairline to the chin. It's not about that. It's about bringing the conversation of skin care into the décolleté, onto your back, and into your legs."

We concur. If it's good enough for your eyes, it's good enough for the rest of your face. When I went on holidays recently, I saved space in my toiletry bag by bringing eye makeup remover to cleanse my entire face. It's the same with 'body creams'. Now, I wouldn't use that on my face, but there's no reason why you can't use it on your hands and feet too. Why would anyone buy a separate foot cream? Unless, you know, it's medicated...

We like the eye cream for face idea. The ingredients are designed for the delicate eye area and are easier absorbed. It sounds like something the rest of our face would appreciate.

Here are three eye creams we rate:

  • REN Active 7  €24


lancome eye cream

  • La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes €18.49


lrp eye cream


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