Hiddleston and Swift dance like EVERYBODY's watching

Calvin, quick cover your eyes! It's just your girlfriend and Loki / Jonathan Pine giving it SOCKS together at the Met Gala the other night.

We - for one - really appreciate it, mostly because it's made us see Tom Hiddleston in a new light - which is always a good thing (especially since the did the LONGEST Robert De Niro impression in front of Robert De Niro on the Graham Norton show that time). 

Just look at the sheer joy and panache as he spins her around to Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'.

He stays by her side throughout a tricky number, despite not knowing when in the name of jaysis the beat is going to drop.

And he STILL manages to channel a charming beggar when things wind down and get a bit awks when the DJ decides to mix in the rather more sedate remix of Suzanne Vega's Tom Diner.


Then you can almost see Taylor say "HEY, HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF MY FRIENDS? LIKE KARLIE OR THE HAIM SISTERS ANYWHERE?" before sashaying off at the speed of light... but they'll always have this moment...

As for Calvin, he can rest easy knowing that Taylor only invited the Haim sisters back to hers for a rake load of pizza. Although he may want to consider hiring some tails and brushing up on his dance moves.

After the after party is.. Well.. This. @haimtheband

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