Botox for the big day? Here are a few things to consider

Every bride wants to look her very best for her wedding day so it's no surprise that lots of brides get Botox for the big day.

Like anything new, it's important to do your research before committing to getting fillers or Botox, especially if you are having it done for a special occasion. Botox is a quick solution to the problem of anti-ageing with fast results. For that reason, it's a really popular choice for brides. There are a few things you might want to consider before you make the decision to have it done for your wedding day.

The pros

Botox is great for smoothing out the appearance of lines around your eyes and on your forehead. I mean, who doesn't want that? Frown lines will be smoothed over as well as the lines across your forehead. This tightens the skin on your forehead. It 'pulls up' the skin around your eyes and diminishes the appearance of crows feet. Botox is also used around the mouth and lip area to make your lips look fuller and to lift that crease line at the edges of your mouth. If you're conscious of open pores on your cheeks, Botox can also minimize open pores and even out the skin's texture.

Don't forget your skincare


Yes, it's a quick fix to anti-ageing but there are a few elements to be considered. Botox is a short-term fix and it wears off. It temporarily relaxes the muscles in your face which pulls the skin tight over them. However, with time, the effects wear off so if you want to see a difference you need to keep up treatments. It's important you don't use Botox as a sole anti-ageing treatment. We need to treat our skin with anti-ageing and protective skincare at the same time as using cosmetic treatments like Botox. You might want to consider that it's a short-term fix and whether you are committed to keeping up treatments over time.


Another thing to consider is how long before the wedding should you have the treatment done? Botox takes two weeks from when you have it injected to reach its full impact. The results will last from about three to four months. (The time depends on your own body and how you metabolize it.) The point here to think about is that if you are considering Botox before your wedding are you confident enough to have it done just once or do you want a trial run? If you want a trial run, you need to have it about five or six months before the wedding. That gives it time to wear off and have your next round of Botox. If you liked it, have it re-done at least three weeks before the wedding.

Would you consider getting Botox for your wedding? Or for any other occasion? Or just in general?

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