Save/splurge: 2 top shimmer body oils

Summer, holidays and coconut smells are possibly three of my favourite things in life. I don't know if its the long evenings, the heat of the sun, having more time to spend with friends or a combination of all three, but I just love them.

Nothing embodies summer more for me than shimmer oil. It might be the smell of coconut or that the shimmer particles glitter so nicely in the sun, or it might be the fact that my friends and I all dosed ourselves in it on our Leaving Cert holiday fifteen years ago, and it brings back lovely memories of a time where nothing mattered but good friends.

Either way, it holds a good place in my heart. It also means you don't have to lie in the sun for ages to get a bronze glow, or spend time on the ol' fake tan. Bronze shimmer oils give a glow to even the palest of skin without having to go to too much effort.

An amazing bronze body oil is Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess €42.





This not only nourishes and softens your skin but adds that finishing touch to any summer outfit. It can be used on your legs without or with tan, and all over your body including your cheek bones to give you a perfect summer glow.

At almost €40, it is on the pricey side. Especially if, like us, you save that kind of money for summer hol essentials like suncream and cocktails. So, I have found you an affordable alternative.

The lovely folks over at Penneys have just launched their PS... bronze range, and in true Penneys fashion, their shimmer oil is a staggering €4, saving you an exceptionally large sum of €38.



So. you can buy about ten more of these products for the same price as one of the Estee Lauder shimmer oils. The smell is the only thing that isn't quite the same, but I can get over it for owning 10 as opposed to 1!

Have you tried either of these oils or any other variations? What are your thoughts?

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