What happened when we tried CoolSculpting our bingo wings?

When healthy eating and exercise couldn't budge 'em, we turned to CoolSculpting to banish our bingo wings.

Last year, I spent a lot of time in the gym in the run-up to my wedding. I was there at least four times a week if not six. I also did Pilates once or twice a week. But, after all the wedding madness, this momentum was most certainly not kept up. I was expecting to get used to regular exercise, but I never really got into it. You know how people often say that once you have been going for a while then you can't live without it? Well, that was not the case for me.

I did like the results that the gym and eating well brought me. But no matter how hard I trained or ate lettuce, I just could not lose weight on my upper arms. I tried everything, but my bingo wings were staying put no matter what.

It wasn't until recently I heard about a fat-reducing technique called CoolSculpting. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that basically freezes the fat cells and allows your body to naturally reduce and expel your fat cells. It claims to be particularly effective for those stubborn areas that you can't eat or exercise your way out of.

I had to try it.

The Consultation

I went to River Medical to have a consultation to make sure I was a good candidate for the treatment, meeting Audrey, who is a trained nurse. She went through everything I needed to know about the treatment. There are so many similar treatments out there on the market, however, CoolSculpting is the only FDA approved one. This means it works. The hugely expensive machine has been tried and tested to keep and hold the temperature at a certain level at all times so that it doesn't give you frostbite or just simply not freeze the fat.


On The Day

The room is so comfortable it almost feels like you are in a bedroom. There is obviously a slight medical feel to it but Audrey made me feel so comfortable I almost forgot I was there for a process.

The first step was to photograph my arms before. Once that was done, I got all settled in a really comfy day bed. The first step was marking out the exact area, then sanitising the area; this takes about ten minutes. The machine has a suction cup and this was attached to the loose area (fat) under my arm. The nurse put cushions all around it to support it so it wasn't tiring on the arm. In fact, it was quite comfortable. Once I was set up, the machine stays on that area for 30 minutes. During that time I was able to watch Netflix and get back to some pressing emails.

The feeling is a slight tingle at first, then you don't really feel anything.

When one side is done, the same is done to your other arm. The worst part of the whole treatment is the massage after. It only lasts five minutes, though, and is very tolerable.

The whole process lasts two hours and I went straight back into work after. The fat cells will continue to break down for the next three months. I only had mine done three weeks ago, so I will be keeping you updated on my progress, but I can definitely see some difference now.


If this is a treatment you are interested in, prices start from €940 and you can book in for your free consultation with River Medical here.

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