Do You Use Hand Cream in Summer?

I made dinner last night. That's a big deal for me, I'm a terrible cook, terrible. It mostly involved putting things in the oven and waiting for them to roast or whatever, but I did have to chop some stuff up - including garlic.

Today, after 100 hand washes, my claws still smell of garlic. That's why I don't cook. That and the high potential for burning the house down.

Anyway, I had to meet and shake hands with people today so in an effort to mask the garlicky odour I slathered my hands in hand cream. I am a hand cream junkie anyway but it got me thinking about whether those who are soft of paw bother with it during the summer months. 



My hands are fairly dry and they're active all day what with all the typing and makeup applying and opening doors and making tea and what have you (so I'm not exactly a labourer) and I reach for hand cream numerous times a day. I don't use it solely because of dryness, however. Hands age just as the rest of us do and I don't want to be that woman with a creams and possibly injection enhanced youthful complexion and witch hands.

People wear more sun cream in summer, which they should apply to their hands although a lot of people forget about the backs. Do you use sun cream instead of hand cream in summer? Do you use both? Is worrying about witch hands a futile pursuit?

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