Easy Sustainable Ways To Take Off Your Makeup

With everyone’s focus on sustainability at the moment, we’ve found some easy sustainable ways to take off your makeup that works for every budget.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very natural and cost-effective way to remove makeup. You can buy it cheaply in your local supermarket - just make sure to check the label first. 

You don’t want to use coconut oil that contains any additives on your face. 

It's a great multi-use product that can also be used on the hair and body as well as the face.


Double Cleanser

You don’t necessarily need to use a face wipe or micellar water to take your makeup off. Simply using your cleanser twice with a facecloth can work just as well. 

Skincare expert Caroline Hirons has designed a double cleanser with Pixi which takes the hassle out of the double cleansing process and saves you having to buy two separate cleansers.

One side is a solid cleansing oil which takes off all makeup and the other is cleansing cream designed for use in the morning and night, it retails for €31.



Bio-degradable Wipes 

Sometimes using face wipes is necessary. Like when travelling, it’s easier to use face wipes than risking your micellar water or favourite cleanser leaking all over your bag!

Skincare products can also be very expensive so face wipes are always a good affordable option.

Lucky for us, bio-degradable face wipes are now a thing, so we can still use them without feeling guilty about it.


Face Halo Makeup Remover Pads

Face Halo pads are reusable round pads that will take off even the most stubborn makeup products.

They can be thrown in with your whites wash up to 200 times but be sure not to use fabric softener when you do so as this can reduce their effectiveness by leaving a residue over fibres.

Face Halo Pads are a great alternative to the normal reusable cotton pads. They come in a pack of three and retail for €20.25 which may seem expensive but keep in mind that you don't have to buy a separate makeup remover product to use them.


So there you have it, four more sustainable ways to remove makeup.

Have you tried any of these methods?

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