Fifty Fine Things: disturbance in fancying force urgently requiring fresh voting

fassbender ovaries

People.  There is a disturbance in the Force.

The force that governs Fifty Fine Things.

The vote has quite literally exploded this year - bringing with it lots of new names and faces - and LOTS of surprises.

Well I say lots.  I mean two in particular. These two have ... well they've grown up. Sort of. Kind of. First we had to get to grips with the fact that they looked quite nice with their hair down - then we were confronted with their hotpanted antics in Jexy and I Know It (watch it if you dare).  But then they quickly change back into hyperactive pointy headed pixies, thus confusing the hell out of everyone and making the female populace feel UNCLEAN.

jedward topless

Of course it's not our place to judge - we have one vote each just like the rest of you - but some of the votes are making us howl. We've had votes for Francis Brennan, The Rubberbandits, "the hot barman from Captain America's on Grafton St",  and more votes than can be right for Brian Dobson.  At this rate he's going to make it into the top fifty.  Richard Boyd Barret is another unlikely and then there's a ton of men voted for by their mammies and wives.  We presume - because otherwise HOW!

And er quite a few votes for "Fassbender's willy".  Yis dirty scuts.


Forget it Brad O'Pitt. On the basis of this accent alone you are BARRED

The names Ryan O' Gosling, Brad O'Pitt, George O' Clooney and members of Home and Away with Irish surnames have also appeared, necessitating the taking out of my red pen and writing firmly across them SPOILED VOTE.  We are not fooled you hear. Oh you're not sneaking them through our razor sharp radar. (Just make sure you check out who's eligible for nomination before you vote - read the details here. I will WEEP if see another vote for Daniel Craig coming through)

You've been busy talent spotting though that's for sure because there's lots of new names. And lots of old names sinking down through the rankings - some of the old favourites just don't seem to be doing it for you anymore.

Bernard Brogan

One of those new er faces we mentioned earlier

So go on get your vote on if you haven't already. And get everyone you know to vote too - because it's all to play for!  Click here to vote.

tommy bowe arse

The current reigning very fine arse (sing along by simply replacing the word "voice" with "arse" like so.  Belt it out "This is the arse of Ire-land"

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