Forget the Leading Lipstick indicator: it's the Leading Jocks Indicator we've got to watch


Heard an interesting "snippet" on the rayjo at the weekend.

Apparently you can forget all about the Leading Lipstick Indicator as a symbol of recession spending. (But we already know at it's foundation or gorgeously packaged treats that women are choosing to splurge on during this recession.)

But, makeup aside, its UNDERPANTS that tell the real tale.


In a recession men won't buy new underpants, preferring to save by making do with their old grey y fronts. Not until the first shoots of economic recovery poke above the ground will they venture out to buy new jocks.

Now excuse my cheek but I always thought it was the women who did most of the underwear buying anyway. The mammies and the girlfriends and so on. So maybe women are saving themselves a few euro on mens knickers only to spend it on expensive foundations? Sounds like a plan to me.

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