Have a look at Gigi Hadid's $2000 Met Gala manicure

Look, I know it's all relative, and we all have to enjoy ourselves from time to time, but people right now dying of starvation all over the world and Gigi Hadid literally just had a TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR manicure done for Monday night's Met Gala, which to be honest, isn't even that good a manicure. A two euro bottle of silver polish from your local pharmacy would have done the trick.

This is where you're no doubt saying 'well, there'd want to be diamonds on her fingers for that kind of money.' But you see there actually was. However, they weren't even visible unless you looked under her nails; it's here that three teeny tiny hidden crystals sat pretty, gathering finger food debris and demanding awkward Instagram attention. If we have now gotten to the point where we are examining the tiny crevice between the nail and the underlying skin, it scares me to think where our cameras may venture next.

Details details.. #NailsByMarySoul @GigiHadid @TommyHilfiger @imgmodels @zayn

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Next they'll be undergoing a 2 million Dollar colon cleanse as part of their pre-Met Gala prep, having their intestines lined with Swarovski crystals. And you know they'll get a go-pro down there for the occasion.

Anyhoo, before our rage takes over entirely, let's take a look at the almond-shaped nails that could have been spent on actual almonds to feed a few hundred families.

"I collaborated with KISS Products to create custom elegant almond shaped chromed-out nails, with a hidden detail, crystals," celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol said in a press release.

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