Grown up glitter makeup guide: how to sparkle this season at any age

Once the party season kicks off we're all only dying to break out those pots of glitter and get into the whole spirit of the season.  One little problem though - once you reach "a certain age" you might feel that glitter gives you more grooves than than a whole album of corny Christmas hits.

But there is a way to work the look and make it fab no matter what age you are and I've tried and tested for you, so that we can all get it right.  At the risk of looking like an aging popstar (Atomic Kitten reunion anyone?) I’ve been feeling the need to whip out the glitz once again. Katona aside, it is possible to look less disco ball, more demure. Just ask Kim Kardashian, who posted this ah-maze glittered eye on her Facebook page. So with the festive season very nearly upon us, here are some top times for applying glitter, grown-up styley.

First up, if you’re going to start playing with glitter, keep the rest of your face polished and simple. Truly flawless foundation is something that often takes until your twenties to master.  If you're under twenty then glitter is just made for you - put it anywhere and everywhere and you'll still look great.

To prime your glitter, use a crease-resistant cream shadow in a nude shade. Apply a very thin layer, otherwise the glitter will clump. Keep it looking really soft by blending it up from the outer corner of your eye.

Brushes, #10, #7, #22, all Smashbox; Lashes, Kimberly Girls Aloud Eyelure; They’re Real Mascara, Benefit; Amazing Nail Glitter in 07, Gosh; Dazzle Dust in Pale Silver, Barry M; Touch Base for Eyes, Clinique, Dazzle Dust in Burnt Orange, Barry M.

To apply a loose glitter, pour a small amount into the lid and using a flat brush, pat the glitter onto your lid and build it up, bit by bit. Avoid the inner eye but be sure to fill the whole area, leaving no gaps; another tell-tale sign you’re not the age your ID says you are.


After you’ve got your glitter on, blend the edges with a neutral matte shadow and highlight your brows and inner eye with a matte highlighter. Keep your liner light, otherwise you’ll risk looking like you’re wearing stage make-up. But long, soft, fake lashes will kick up the glamour a few notches and polish off the look.

Once you’re done, sweep under your eyes with a fan brush to remove any falling glitter. And this may seem like a tip for the tots, but remember to put the lid back on your glitter. Your ma’ll ring your neck if any gets on the carpet.

Once you’re really confident with this look, go wild and amp up the colour. Use a highly pigmented shadow for your base (purple or green are fab and black á la Kim is utterly stunning) then build on top with matching glitter., Madeline Poole Nails,,, Ciaté,

If you’re still sceptical about grown-up glitter, why not start with your nails? A touch of glimmer instead of French tips, a disco
feature nail or a sparkling crescent at the cuticle, are more subtle takes on the trend.

What do you think?  Will you be giving glitter a go this party season?


Claire Byrne

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