Here's why layering in skincare is a good idea

Layering in skincare is exactly what it sounds like. It means layering on different serums and creams - and, yes, it's a good thing.

There is so much great skincare out there that it's hard to choose what you are going to put on your face. The best thing to do is research the ingredients that are best suited to you. Find your ingredient cocktail if you like, and then find the potions that contain those ingredients. The thing is, there is rarely just one serum or just one cream that will contain all of the elements your skin is craving. That's where layering in skincare comes in.

layering in skincare

Choosing the perfect skincare routine for you does require a bit of research. If you don't trust your own research, or really feel clueless about it all, then you need to turn to the professionals. The best thing to do is go to your therapist or to your doctor and find out what you need. You can make the job easier by examining your skin and pinpointing the parts that bother you. Choose the main things that you notice on a day to day basis. For example, redness might be a main concern for you. If you're sensitive or reactive you'll need to take that into consideration when choosing your ingredients. If acne is an issue for you it will probably be your main concern. Or your skin might feel dry or dehydrated. You need to correct that before you can fix any other issues.


The thing is that most of us will have more than one skin concern. For instance, you might have oily, problem skin that is now ageing too. Your skincare concerns are building. Oily skin can be dehydrated too. That's four issues you are trying to tackle. There is no one cream that will hydrate, strengthen, decongest, plump, firm, tighten and even out skin tone. The layering of serums and creams is the only way to get all of the ingredients into your skin to treat each individual issue.

We reckon layering is the way forward. In the morning, a great Vitamin C serum with a hyaluronic acid serum is a wonderful combination for most skin types. Finally, lock it all in with an SPF moisuriser. Then, in the evening, layer a retinol serum or cream at night with an intensely nourishing serum over it. You will soon be on your way to skincare perfection.

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