What we love about taking care of our skin

Do you know what we love about taking take of our skin in January? It can't get any worse so damage control is actually quite simple.

Are you feeling like your skin is looking particularly dull and grey at the moment? Does it feel extremely dehydrated and void of any moisture? If you're like me your skin might look like it's actually peeling in some places. This dire skin situation is due to the extreme temperature changes we face regularly in winter. We are constantly going from cold to hot. What's worse is that the heat is in the form of central heating. Central heating is particularly drying on your skin; it sucks all the moisture. When we are in our cars with the heaters on it's the same situation. Car heaters blow dry air in your face and strip your skin of all moisture.

dry or dehydrated

So what is the good news I hear you say? How could we love this situation? Well, it's a simple skin scenario to deal with. There are four skin-saving rules that if you follow them, you will get your skin out of the dehydration rut.

Drink water

This one goes without saying but we're saying it anyway. H2O is one of those things that some of us need constant reminding of. Carry your bottle around with your or keep water handy at all times so that you don't forget to drink it. If you keep your skin hydrated from the inside and we promise you'll see the results on the outside.



Take your omegas. Omegas are fish oils and they are amazing for keeping your skin hydrated. They will actually help your body hold onto the moisture from water when it's thirsty.

Use a chemical exfoliator

We do talk about these bad boys a lot but they are amazing for increasing cell turnover. They get rid of that dead, dull skin from the surface. If your skin is looking flaky or peely, a glycolic exfoliation or an enzyme peel will get rid of all that dead surface skin.



Moisturiser, yes, it feels good. However, it's more of a protector than a skin-changer. Serums on the other hand will penetrate deeper into your skin and actually make a difference. Look for serums with Vitamins B, C and E for their hydration boosting properties. They will plump and hydrate your skin over time.

So the good news is that if you are doing all these things you're skin in on the road to health again.

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