I could be brown I could be blue I could be violet sky: if you were a nail varnish colour which one would you be?

ciate for ASOS

Inspired by the nail polish line ASOS Paint* which takes inspiration from celebrity personalities to name its nail varnish colours, I was wondering which colour you think you might be.

Paris fuschia pink, Alexa navy blue, Victoria deep red/black. Cheryl bagged the best and brightest - an orangey coral.

Are you an on trend shade - or are you a sophisticated neutral? Or are you (gulp) a gel nailed french manicure?


Perhaps you're more like a Skittles manicure. One day you might be a gothy grumpy black and the next a sunny yellow. If you're anything like me then you won't even need a day to pass between these moods - more like seconds.

Have a look at the Beauty section on the ASOS site* which we think is pretty good. We'll be highlighting some of the brands on it soon. Sadly Asos Paint does not ship here though, boo.

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