Editor's Letter: Welcome to Spring Clean your Beauty Routine Month with Beaut.ie

Miriam Burke, editor of Beaut.ie, introduces you what's in store for April

April is not a traditional month for fresh starts, but that's no reason why it shouldn't be. As I look out my office window, straight at the wall of the opposite building (what a view!), I can see sunshine. After four months of unquestionably wintery weather, and a long weekend of rain and general dullness, for this brief moment it looks like it could be spring. But even if it snows tomorrow, Global Warming has not inspired the powers that be to change the structure of the seasons just yet, so it is spring. And we've decided it's time for a spring clean.

For the month of April, amongst our regular content and special features, our focus will be on new makeup tricks to try, and boosts to your skincare routine. But it won't stop at skincare and makeup. Beauty covers a wide spectrum, and though it starts from the inside, it includes many facets of your personality, from what you like to eat and read, to who you follow on Instagram (PS, if you don't follow us yet, do it now!) and - of course - your personal style.

This month - and every month - we want to inform you on the best new beauty products and advise on new techniques. We want you to learn about skincare products, but more importantly, we want you to learn about the right skincare products for you. And we want you to gain this knowledge from the experts.

Our Beauty Editor Aisling is a qualified makeup artist, trained also in skincare. Our writers Sarah Jane Lanagan and Rebecca Todd are both respected MUAs. Our new regular guest columnist is the Skin Nerd herself, Jennifer Rock and we've also featured collaborations with Jeanne Brophy, to name one of many.


Follow us on site and via our social media channels this month, for insider knowledge on how to upgrade your beauty routine - and your wardrobe (that's my job!).

And, we're giving one lucky reader the chance to win skincare and makeup goodies that are specifically designed for their skin type. We'll choose the winner at the end of the month, but the competition is open now. Enter via our competition page, but triple your chances of winning by entering on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Enjoy Beaut.ie this month. And do let us know your feedback or ideas on anything under any article in the comments section below.

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