October Editor's Letter: Being comfortable is the new chic

You can obviously be comfortable and chic at the same time - follow us this month to learn all of our expert tips and advice.

There are summer people, and there are The Other Seasons people (because in Ireland, aren't they all pretty much the same?). The Other Seasons people tend to be the types that don't do well in the heat. We hate the sensation of being hot and sticky; we turn pink at the slightest hint of sun and the less of our skin on show, the better. There's one thing that binds the summers and the not-summers together, though: comfort.

Even if your style icon is Sophia Vergara in Modern Family, all tight tops and jeans and vertiginous heels, can I be as bold to suggest that you would rather be in pyjamas and slippers? Fashion, with a capital F even without being at the start of a sentence, is known for being risky and risqué, hard to wear, and uncomfortable, but in 2018, even the most stylish of women value comfort. Not over style, mind you, just in general.

From the street to the style

For the last couple of years, leisurewear has leapt from the court or field or wherever, and right onto the catwalk and the Street Style Street. Cycling shorts are - dare I say it - chic. Dad sneakers are cool. Big jumpers outsell little tops, and life couldn't be better.

Autumn is the season of layers, new boots and coats you want to wear indoors. When the central heating has been turned on, so are we - by woolly socks and all-day scarves. When the Danish concept of Hygge entered the greater world, we realised that our wardrobe could match our perfect Sunday afternoon - but that it could be a way of life all season long (all year long, if you chase the winter like I might do when I finally win the lotto).


How to do it the Beaut way

Being comfortable is the new chic, but it doesn't mean that it can't not be chic. It is all in the way you style your new autumn duds. Autumn is the perfect time to relax, though, and get away with wearing woolly socks, worn over jeans, with years-old runners - I did it last week and regret nothing! You can always save your chic for silly season.

This time of year may be warm and cosy, but it doesn't come without its woes. Luckily, this month we have the solutions to all of your cold-weather dilemmas. Don't know what shoes to wear to work? Here are our suggestions. Hair in bits thanks to the constant blast of air-con? Here's the solution. Need to change up your skincare because the weather has done things to your face that you don't appreciate? Here's how.

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