Nelsons Pure & Clear Oil Control Toner: Probably Tasty With Diet Coke

Lying on a treatment bed while Sinéad in Renew cleansed my skin in preparation for my second session of laser treatment (more on that anon), I was in my own little world. It had been an absolutely frickin' mental day in work and I was looking forward to getting home and collapsing on the couch with the pupster for a bit. I was shaken from that daydream good and proper when Sinéad paused in her cleansing, leaned in for a closer look at the skin around my nose and slowly wiped it with cotton wool. Stopping again, she commented that my skin was wicked dry compared to when she'd seen me previously and wondered was I using something different?

Looks like Nelsons Pure & Clear Oil Control Toner, €11.95, was the culprit: so chock-full of alcohol I wondered if it wanted to be vodka when it grew up, it shrunk my pores immediately on application so I tried desperately to ignore my creeping misgivings. Ultimately, though, I had to concede that even using it once a day on just my yucky spot-and-blackhead-filled t-zone was turning my poor oul' hide into a scaly dessicated mess. As soon as I whipped it out of my routine, my skin recovered nicely.

That'll learn me.


Still, I'd be interested in giving the homeopathic sulphur tablets, €8.25, a whirl and will be keeping their Purifying Daily Facial Wash, €11.95, on hand for my morning ablutions. Because unlike its sister product, the face wash manages to deeply cleanse and refresh skin while helping to clear impurities without drying the hell out of it!

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