Our Expert Shares Her Top Tips For Self-Care

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Our wellbeing expert Niamh Deans shares her top tips to ensure you get some much-needed me-time.

Self-care is a ritual. It is the constant repetition of lots of tiny habits accumulated which all together brings a sense of ease and well-being into your life.There is a discipline that comes with this, but I like to think of it as an indulgent discipline rather than a chore. There are enough chores in life, right? Looking after you certainly does not need to be another one. Like sticking to a good food plan, the only way to really achieve a ‘me-time’ routine is to plan and prepare for it. The following are some tips to help you carve out your evenings for some much-needed me-time and take steps towards greater well-being.

1 Unplug

Stop scrolling and unplug. Pop the phone on aeroplane mode, even just for a few hours! You’ll be so surprised what you manage to fit into this time.

2 Hydrate

Small steps are important, so maybe start with drinking one extra glass of water or herbal tea as you begin your evening routine.

3 No- Fuss Skincare Routine

Create a cleansing routine that is easy, indulgent and leaves you free time for the evening ahead. WaterWipes new Facial Wipes are ideal for cleansing and make-up removal, however, as well as being effective, 95% of people said they felt a sensation of well-being after using them. Your skin care routine doesn’t need to be overwhelming, so choosing a no-fuss option means that you will also be more likely to stick with it.


I for one am guilty of leaving my make up on after a busy day and my evening default after getting my three kiddies (and a puppy!) off to bed is to flop into bed with the box on.

On the occasions I haven't removed my makeup, my sense of well-being goes out the window, not to mention the feeling of guilt. I find the array of skin messaging out there a bit complicated, to be honest. A cleansing routine that works for me is one where I know I am being good to myself, but it must be easy and no fuss so that it fits in with my routine.

I particularly love WaterWipes new Facial Wipes. They are the world’s purest facial wipe and contain only three ingredients; 99.9% water, a drop of grapefruit extract and dead sea minerals. As a result of this, they are super kind and gentle on sensitive skin.

4 It’s Time to Wind Down

For winding down, pick something that you enjoy so that you will stick to it. Maybe it’s pre-sleep relaxation, meditation routine or just reading a book, but preparing the body for relaxation and sleep is a nice way to wind-down time and get the mind and body to switch off plan for a restful sleep.

5 Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t berate yourself if you fall away from your routine, just get back to it don’t allow it to be a reason for you to stop altogether either. Black and white thinking is the great stopper of many a well-intentioned well-being plan. Balance comes between the black and white and living in balance is the essence of self-care.

6 Sleep Routine


Good quality sleep is so important to your well-being and setting the body up for an optimum night’s sleep will reap many health benefits. By bringing forward your bedtime by even a half an hour, you will notice a big difference to your overall wellbeing and health.

WaterWipes Facial Wipes contain only three ingredients: 99.9% water, dead sea minerals and a drop of grapefruit seed extract. To find out more, click here.

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