This is the perfect cleansing routine for combination skin

The perfect cleansing routine for combination skin involves using two cleansers. It might sound like overkill but it's actually the ideal solution for combo skin.

Combination skin can be the hardest skin type to treat. Combination skin is like a really moody person. Depending on what mood it's in, you will need to treat it differently. What makes it even more difficult is that this moody person can seem like it's feeling really hormonal but it's actually really thirsty. In that situation, thirst will actually be the more pressing issue that you need to deal with. Just like this moody person, you have to know what is the main issue affecting your combination skin in order to give it the treatment it needs. This sort of moody skin generally requires not one but two cleansers - but don't worry the benefits outweigh the added purchase.

Combination skin will generally have a bit of an oily area in the T-zone where the rest of your face can be normal or prone to dryness. Where you are oily you might have occasional spots. If this is you, you kinda need one cleanser to combat the breakouts and then another cleanser to balance your skin and combat the dryness. That's why the perfect cleansing routine for combination skin requires a combination of cleansers.

The thoughts of buying two cleansers might seem totally excessive to some of you. But when you think about it, in the long run, it won't cost more at all. Certainly it's more of an initial outlay when you invest in two products, but two bottles of cleanser will last twice as long as one. You will get your money's worth over time.

Cleanser No.1


Your first cleanser is going to combat the oily area and keep spots at bay. So search for something with a bit of spot-controlling ingredient in it like salicylic acid or tea tree oil in it. This kind of cleanser commonly comes as a gel wash or foaming face wash that you use with water.

Cleanser No.2

You need a nice, gentle, milky kind of cleanser to alternate with the more active one. I love a balancing cleanser with a neutral PH. You could look for a probiotic cleanser or something packed with antioxidants. I recommend using your gentle cleanser in the morning to hydrate your skin and prepare it if you are putting on makeup. Then, at night, use your cleanser with the more active ingredients. That way your skin is decongested while you sleep and it repairs itself.

Could you handle buying two if they are guaranteed to last twice as long as one?

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