Reader Review: Can this cellulite cream make a difference in 2 weeks?

Our reader tried Thalgo Défi Cellulite: Expert Correction for Stubborn Cellulite for two weeks - here's how she got on

In the second of our monthly Reader Review series (read what three of our readers thought of three fake tans last month), Kathy agreed to try a cellulite cream by the bodycare gurus of Thalgo. Cellulite creams are among the most divisive of bodycare products. Can a bunch of ingredients rubbed onto the dimples really make a difference?

No spoilers: see Kathy's reaction for yourself. But for some background info, this is the first cellulite cream that Kathy had ever tried. She describes her cellulite as being mild to moderate and she falls in the 26 - 35 age category.

Thalgo says the user should see a difference within two-weeks, but it should be noted that they don't see the appearance of cellulite will completely disappear, especially not within that short a period. So, let's see how Kathy got on.

thalgo cellulite cream

Thalgo Défi Cellulite: Expert Correction for Stubborn Cellulite

Did you like the packaging? Yes!

Do you think there is enough product in the container? Yes.

Did you like the fragrance? Describe it, please! Yes; the smell of the sea is the only way I can describe it.

After the two-week trial, did you notice any difference to your cellulite? Not really, but maybe it needs more time.


How did you prepare your skin for the Thalgo gel? I just put it on my skin in circles.

Describe the sensation: It's a thick gel that dried in very quickly.

Did you experience any discomfort? No.

It's €45 - do you think this is good value for money? Yes

Will you continue to use it? Yes

Would you recommend it to a friend? Yes

Kathy says

The Thalgo Défi Cellulite Gel has a very faint scent that I could only describe as smelling like the sea. It easily and quickly absorbs onto the skin and didn’t leave any marks on my clothes. I haven’t seen remarkable results but there is definitely a smoother appearance and more toned look than before I started using the product.


Stars out of 5: 3



Cover Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash

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