Do you really need a separate eye cream?

Skincare can be confusing, daunting even. But it needn’t be. If you strip skincare right down to the basics there really are only a handful of products you need to use.

Most people often wonder if they’re using too many products or wasting money on a product that they already have in their regime. Eye cream is one of them.

For all of your skincare needs finding a brand that is fragrance-free is a great place to start. Fragrance can be a big cause of irritation. Around the eye area is especially sensitive so you have to be careful what you apply on that thin delicate skin.

Each person’s skin reacts differently and is more or less sensitive than another’s. Remember your skin can change with age and time of the month so be aware of what your skin can and cannot handle. What works best for you is what you should be using.

When eye cream is essential

Oily skin

If you have oily skin but you have dry skin around your eyes you may want to look at hydrating eye cream. A moisturiser for oily skin will not work well with dry sensitive eyes so a separate eye cream would be advisable.


For extra hydration

The skin around your eyes as we know is extremely delicate, eye creams are basically a diluted way to deliver nutrients to that area but not cause irritation. If your skin around the eyes becomes a little dehydrated you may want to look at a hydrating eye cream which is separate to your usual moisturiser.

When eye cream is not essential

Sensitive eyes

If you have sensitive skin around your eyes you won’t want to be overdoing it with the creams. For people with sensitive skin, eye creams can cause that area to become dry, irritated and cause a lot of redness. If you have a face oil or sensitive skin moisturiser that doesn’t cause irritation you can take this all over the eye area too. Try it little by little, just in case.

If your skin can handle retinoids


Again, it is all about how products work for you personally. If you are using retinol products with no adverse reaction, there is no reason why you couldn’t bring it up around the eyes. It is a super product for combating fine lines and wrinkles so if your eyes can handle it, you will never look back. Again, try it little by little.

Remember, before you put anything near your eyes have a read of the packaging and make sure it is suitable for the eye area.

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