Rendez-vous a Paris With Bourjois at ASOS


Last year Bourjois treated us to a limited-edition collection of little round pots. The Vintage Collection was strictly first come, first served, and it was such a success that the brand are rolling out another in November.

Available through ASOS, there'll be five shadows and three blushers on offer, and if you want to see them up close, check after the cut.

Rendez vous a paris FR (Page 1 - 2)

Last year's designs came from the Bourjois archive, but this time around the brand have teamed up with artist Nathalie Lete to create the illustrations for the pots. Of the myriad Bourjois shadow shades, Beige rose, Violet absolu, Argent, Noir precieux,  and Blanc diaphane will be on offer in this lineup.

Inspired by fashion and love - the two things Paris is arguably best known for - Lete has created cute, whimsical depictions of famous Parisian landmarks: the Place Vendome, the Opera Garnier, the city's famous cafe culture, the Seine and the Arc de Triomphe are all celebrated.


And we've still got blushers to look at!


Three will be available: Rose d’or, Lilas d’or and Ambre d’or feature a trio of scenes from Paris. The Eiffel Tower, the Metro and the city's buzzing street life are all depicted.

What do you reckon? Super cute and collectible, or what?

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