This natural ingredient belongs in your skincare stash

We love natural skincare and makeup products that are better for the environment and best for you. Here's why rosehip oil is one of the best.

With the world embracing natural skincare more and more, you may as well educate yourself about what's in all this 'natural' stuff. If you ever feel like asking 'is this even doing anything for me?' That's normal. It's normal to be sceptical about whether or not all these plant extracts actually do anything for your skin. If you know a little bit of the science behind it all, you'll love your hard earned beauty bits that little bit more. The little miracle of nature we are talking about today is rosehip oil.

essential oils

It's a popular ingredient in natural serums and oils. In fact, if you have a serum that claims to be all natural there is a good chance rosehip oil is in there. It's one of the most effective natural ingredients that does so much for your skin

So what does rosehip oil do?


Rosehip oil is basically a brightening agent. That means it's going to improve your skin's radiance and tone. It's full of antioxidants which help your skin fight free radicals that attack it every day. Rosehip is a powerful natural ingredient. It contains essential fatty acids which are imperative for keeping your skin well hydrated. EFA's keep your skin looking firm and plump by allowing it to hold onto moisture.

If you use rosehip oil regularly you'll probably find it addictive. If you have dry skin you'll fall in love with the nourishing feeling you get when you apply it. It feels soft and warm on your skin and spreads beautifully on your face, neck and decollete. When you're using it regularly you'll notice an improvement in your skin tone. You should see less redness and discoloration in your cheeks. You'll notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles because your skin is plumped and hydrated which reduces their appearance. For the same reason, your skin will feel firmer with more elasticity.

Check any natural serums or oils you might be using because this wonder ingredient might already be enhancing your skin. If you're not using it you should get your hands on some for the colder months of the year. As with all skincare products derived from plants and roots, you should always patch test it before using it on your face.

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